Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blog 11: The last blog: With Those We Love Alive and The Cape

Blog 11: The last blog: With Those We Love and The Cape
By Andaiye Hall

I found The Cape to be completely uninteresting. The black and white stood out to me but in the way that it was completely not engaging for me. It didn't captivate me as well as other pieces have managed to do for me. I think I'm really stuck in my way of how e-lit is supposed to be. Nevertheless, the author did do a variety of unique things to capture the general reader's interest. She had pictures that would appear out of thin air and audio files that would randomly play where she saw fit to place them.

I did like the other piece With Those We Love Alive predominantly a lot more than the rest of The Cape. I had explored this piece before and was confused at where it ended. During this revisit, I was still confused and stop at the same place I stopped before. It was a little personal when you were given some choices. I wondered if you chose a different b-day if your experience would change. I thought that if everyone would see something different, that would have been a lot for the author to have written. Even though this piece was simple it still had the key elements of music and color. These are what are very important to in terms of what I think e-lit can be. I want to turn to e-lit for the authors help in how to view the story and possibly hear the authors voice or what the author wants me to hear when I read his or her piece.

It's been a fantastic semester learning about this new branch of literature which isn't that new but I'll save the rest of my thoughts for my self evaluation.

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