Monday, November 28, 2016

Blog 10: On Sooth and Separation

On Sooth and Separation 
By Andaiye Hall 

     After being blown away by so many e-lit pieces in the semester, these pieces didn't have that big of an impact on me. They were cool and unique but I felt a little disappointed. I understand that not everyone has the same technical skills amongst the e-lit community but I felt there was a lack of variety. Nothing was excitingly hidden from the reader as far as I was aware.

    The Sooth piece did however present poetry in a very interesting way that isn't common but I've seen more unique things done in poetry than this one had. The background clips and color changes were cool along with the words bouncing around to a certain extent. Unfortunately, I couldn't really fully interpret the meaning behind the clips and the poems. The one on weeds especially. Maybe there's just too much going on at once for my brain to personally process. A lot of the times the words would block the ones I was trying to read. I like to revisit things at my own pace and this didn't afford me that opportunity. When I would try to reread the whole poem from the beginning more words would appear sequentially and they'd move all over the place. For me personally it's annoying to read words that are floating in every direction and into each other. I think the author could have decided them to stop after the whole poem is presented to the reader instead of it replaying. That music was creepy to me and definitely not "soothing" at all for me.

    In the beginning of the semester I explored Separation so this was a second visit. I actually forgot you had to press the screen to start and thought something was wrong with the piece this time. The first time I was really into it. This time I did it just  to get it done so of course I was told I don't know how to work with a computer or whatever that pop up said. I thought that the clicking part was sooo annoying. Click. Click. Click. I got paranoid that my laptop touch pad would stop working from those a zillion clicks. I've got to say the way the exercises were designed were awesome since I wouldn't know how to do it. I totally would assume it took some serious effort unless their an expert. It showed you the moving woman and the time going as you should be moving along with it.

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