Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog #3 Interpreting High Muck a Muck

Immediately when I was aware that I had to read High Muck a Muck, I thought it had a funny name. That was one of the reasons I personally would not even open up the piece to find out more. It almost sounded nonsensical. Muck a Muck could be a person but hi isn't spelled right. I just decided to Google what it means and here's what came up.

Being that this was in Volume 3, it was a little different in opening the text as I previously experienced in the other volumes. Some of the texts from Volume 3 wouldn't open on my laptop because of software that I don't have or because I don't have a MAC. Instead of being taken right to the piece after pressing begin, you have to chose WORK WEBSITEBEGIN and WORK VIDEO. Pressing WORK WEBSITE allows you to go to a website that allows you start the story by pressing ENTER but gives you a slightly unique experience. Pressing BEGIN takes you to a non website page where you can also press ENTER. Pressing WORK VIDEO allows you to be guided through the text through the experience of a previous user.

When I first opened it I noticed the background reminded me of one of the Mahjong game backgrounds that I have seen on my computer. In the computer game you have to match two pieces accurately from top to bottom. Sometimes its tricky since some designs look similar to others but eventually you do get to the bottom. You have to analyze closely and be patient. According to Wikipedia, Mahjong is a Chinese game that originated during the Qing dynasty and uses skill, strategy and calculation and involves a degree of chance.

When I was navigating High Muck a Muck, I had to restart from the beginning several times. The first time I started the words moved so fast that I missed certain sentences. I felt I had to read all of them otherwise I would miss some important part of the story. Once I did read the sentences, I was confused as to what every part meant like the green spot eight spot. On one occasion I returned here to comment and I came back to the body part of a human already on the screen but had left a small square with Chinese letters. At one point the music came on and the yin yang symbol was up saying loading. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Nevertheless, I continued on from there. I pressed the square with chinese letters and clicked the about section. Once I read it, I pressed the back arrow again and began the journey. I started at the top with Everywhere and Nowhere. I thought that the art was amazing and the sound effects were brilliant. I tried my best to interpret the art and wasn't very successful. I thought it could symbolize the map but the human body didn't fit in with that. I did think that the chunk that had drifted apart from the body looked fascinating.

I thought that it was interesting to be zooming in on the Chinese man's eye. I felt impatient yet obligated to keep watching and was also afraid what I'd see when it continued to zoom in.I got a little creeped out when it was zooming around because I didn't know if it was going to be a corpse's eye then. I couldn't see eyelashes and the skin looked really pale. I was surprised when it turned out to be a baby. The text was a little unpredictable on the parts I went on. I clicked on one area and  I saw a video and then sometimes I would see floating text and a poem appeared another time.
I liked this text and I am getting even more accustomed to the variety e-lit allows.

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